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How to Measure Your Hat Size

In Order to find out how to measure your head size to find the right hat, you'll need either a sewing tape measure, or a 25" length of string and a ruler. If you have a friend this will make the process easier but it can be done by yourself as well.

Step 1) Take your piece of string or sewing tape measure and start at a point roughly 1/2 to 1 inch above your ears, and then while trying to keep it as level as possible, wrap the string or measure around your head until you come back to your starting point.
Step 2) Be careful to hold on to your end point on the string or sewing tape measure in order to properly mark your head size.
Step 3) For the sewing tape measure, simply correspond your measurement to our hat size chart here.
Step 4) For your length of string, use your ruler to work out how long your length of string measures and then reference our hat sizing chart above.

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